North Point Web Mall - Scammed by Home Biz Opp

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I was contacted on March 21 by a Diane.She told me she found my information from some online thing I submitted and then she went into talking about the business opp she had for online sales and I would get 30% commission from all sales from fortune 500 companies which they would make a website just for me for the sales and I didn't have to do anything as the person making the website would be handling all traffic to the site.

She said it would cost a one time fee of 99 and that I would be given a print out by mail once a month and that stores could be changed by me and my mentor each month depending on what's hot. Well I paid the 99 and I was transferred to the mentor Greg Samuels who said the store was already ready and that he actuall had 40 stores instead of the 20 Diane told me would be there and it was ready to go. He gave me his number 8552703623 and his hours and said he would send me the traffic report once a month through mail and that I should contact him once a month. They told me the 99 would not be refundable till 30 days had passed.

I tried to call the number at the end of 30 days as I hadn't received anything and nothing but an Asian voice on a recording.

I figured I got scammed, they have not called me back and I expect the 99 is gone.Another person from WI got scammed out of $5000 I hope they find these people and put them away for life.

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